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Mud, mud and some more mud

posted by: anneke @ 05/16/2010

This has been one of my muddiest races ever! Since Wednesday it has not stop raining in Maribor, Slovenia for the second World Cup in the season. The 4-cross track had some nice changes to it, but due to all the rain it was not really rideable. Qualifying and racing was just one big mud festival. I had a bad qualifying ending up 4th, but I knew with weather like this qualification was not that important. In racing my first straight was going really well and I was feeling really confident. I won the quarter and semi final and had a great first straight in the final.... came out of turn one leading but then in the second corner Caroline Buchanan came underneath me and she crashed.... Fionn Griffiths was able to pass and took home the win. I ended up 3rd. I am a but bummed because I was feeling good but at least I gathered some point for the overall again :)
Photo credit: Gary Pekin