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Video European Championships 2010

posted by: anneke @ 06/13/2010

This was one of the best European Championships we had in 4-cross. The organization, crowd, competition and track was good. I had a lot of fun riding this track and was feeling good for racing. I qualified in 2nd place right behind Romana Labounkova, Anita Molcik was in 3rd and Jana Horokova in 4th. I knew this was going to be a tough race with some fast girls. I managed to go to the final and so did the other top 4 qualifiers. I had a bad gate in the final and I was hoping to find a inside line on the second corner, but then Jana road over the flag and stop right in front of me in the middle of the track! If you watch the video below you'll see what happened. That was it, I was to far behind to catch up with the other 2 girls and ended up 3rd.