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Numero uno

posted by: anneke @ 06/21/2010

Got back home late last night from Austria. What a weekend this was!! The rain on Saturday made the track a lot more difficult and slippery for racing. Going in to this race I was feeling good and hungry for a win. But racing in these conditions means anything can happen. My Quarter and Semi final went without a problem and I went on to the final. I had a great gate in the final and was able to cut to the inside corner just before Romana Labounkova who was on the inside of me. The last grass corner was the most tricky one of the whole track and before I knew it Romana came on the inside of me, but lucky enough I was able to get on the pedals soon and took home my first win of the season!! With this win I am also in the lead of the overall series!

1. Anneke Beerten 2. Joanna Peterson 3. Romana Labounkova 4. Fionn Griffiths 5. Anita Molcik