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Nomad, portable power cleaner

posted by: anneke @ 11/21/2010

The Nomad portable power cleaner is just a must-have for every biker. No more waiting at the long bike washlines and no more need to drag around your bucket of soap. The 18 Volt Cordless Portable Power Cleaner just blasts away the mud and dirt of my bike. I am stoked to have them onboard for the 2011 season. I am taking the Nomad cleaner everywhere I go, I got it set up in the back of my van so I can use it straight after a xc ride, training on the bmx track or just coming home after a rainy road ride. It's so easy and handy, just fill up the 14 liter tank (you can also fill it up with creek water because there is a filter inside), make sure your battery is charged or just plug in the 12v cigarette lighter in your car, plug in the 6 meter long hose and of you go!! For more information please go to: