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World Cup #2 Houffalize, Belgium

posted by: anneke @ 05/03/2009

This year was the first time that there was a world cup 4-cross in Houffalize, Belgium. Since many years Houffalize is host of the Cross Country World Cup, but this year 4-cross was added to the program.... and I think it was a big success. The crowed was BIG and loud and racing was good. I won my 1/8 and quarter final, in the semi final I was a bit late out of the gate an Romana Labounkova was able to cut in front of me. I just stayed on her back wheel and managed to go trough to the finals. In the final Jill was next to me on the in site gate. My start was good but I was unable to cut in front of Jill, I got up high in the first corner and lost all my speed, right away Jana Horokava got underneath me. I tried some different lines on the way down, but I was unable to make a pass. I ended up 3rd and I am still leading the overall. Results: 1st Jill Kintner 2nd Jana Horokova 3rd Anneke 4th Romana Labounkova.

Photo credit: Colin Meagher