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Racing weekend

posted by: anneke @ 05/25/2009

There was no World Cup this weekend but there were a lot of other events all over the globe. In Portugal it was the Lisbon Down Town race, which was won by Steve Peat for the 8th time in a row! Mick Hannah got 2nd, Greg Minnaar 3rd. In Germany there was the IXS dirt Masters, a huge mountainbike event with DH, 4-cross, Slopestyle and best trick contest. 4-cross was won by Jared Graves, 2nd Roger Rinderknecht, 3rd Pascal Seydonx and Joost Wichman in 4th. Sam Blenkinsop won the Downhill just before Duncan Riffle. In the US they had two events, the Pro Gravity tour in Angel Fire and the US open, most of the top riders were at the US open. Downhill was won by Sam Hill, 2nd Gee Atherton, 3rd Brendan Fairclough. They had no 4-cross at the US open but they had a Slalom race. Men's slalom was won by Brendan Fairclough, 2nd Sam Hill and 3rd Bian Lopes. Its good to see Lopes was racing there! In the Women's Jill Kinter 1st followed by Melissa Buhl.
I had a great day of racing at one of our National BMX rounds. A lot of people looked funny at me when they saw me cruising around on my 4-cross bike with even bigger wheels then everyone else :) I won the Women's cruiser class and it was fun day of racing and training! Check for some videos of the national bmx race!