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World Cup #4

posted by: anneke @ 06/07/2009

Fort William is such a awesome place to race! The crowd is always big and loud and enjoying themselves. For me it was not one of my best races. I struggled out of the gate and on the first straight the whole night... Just could not get it right :(
I got through to the semi-final but in this round I messed it up and got 3rd: I was not going to be in the big final, but in the small final battling for place 5 till 8. In won the small final and I was still able to sneak on to the podium with a 5th place.

Results Women: 1st Jill Kintner 2nd Caroline Buchanan 3rd Fionn Griffiths 4th Mellisa Buhl 5th Anneke
In the Men's final Jared Graves leaded from start to finish, he rode really strong. On to Maribor...