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Alpinestars visit

posted by: anneke @ 06/25/2009

After Maribor I drove to Italy to visit the Alpinestars Headquarter. Alpinestars is a big company and everything for the racers is hand made in Italy. We are working on some new protection for mountainbiking and they took my sizes so I will get some new custom made protection, sweet! After a nice Italian lunch I finished my tour and drove back to Slovenia were I will have the European championships 4-cross this weekend. The track is looking really nice, fast, steep and some decent jumps... There is only one problem, it has been raining a lot and the surface is from clay and suppersticky. We tried to ride down yesterday but at the first corner our wheels were not spinning any more, the clay was stuck between everything! Lets hope the weather gets better in the next couple of days.