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Worlds disappointment

posted by: anneke @ 09/05/2009

It is hard to put in words how I feel right now. Worlds is the biggest race of the year, it's just one race and anything can happen. But getting disqualified for "rubbing" a flag with my rear wheel was not something I held for possible. I was feeling good, strong and comfortable. In the semi final I had a good run going and ended up 2nd behind Caroline Buchanen and I was ready for the final. But at the finish line a UCI commissaire stopped me and showed me a yellow card and then a red card? I was confused because me and Caroline had a clean run. I did not now what was happening, especially when the guy told me I ran over a flag.
It's okay to T-bone somebody, but riding over the tip of the flagpole without gaining anything out of it and without hindering someone is something that gets you DQ'ed...!!???. They would not let me see the replay of the video and it was not possible to put in a protest.... All very confusing! Now, a day later, I've watched some of the videos and noticed that more people were hitting the same pole, rules are rules, but I honestly think decisions like these should be made within the "context" of the race-situation, yes if I gained a position or hindered another rider, I would probably accept this easier, but now I'm just gutted and feeling robbed.... Nothing I can do about it now anymore.... Caroline ruled the final, snapped everyone out of the gate and led the race from start to finish. I think it is amazing how she did it in her home town with all the pressure and media around her! On to the World Cup finals in Austria....

Pic.1 you can see why I got DQ. Pic.2 me and Word Champ Caroline.