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Home sweet home.

posted by: anneke @ 09/29/2009

Another jetlag to overcome, I think this will be the last one for a while. Las Vegas was a lot of fun, the show went well and me and Bas stayed a couple of days longer just to chill out. It was great to see a lot of friends and sponsors, I had a lot of meetings with sponsors, to line up the 2010 season. So far things are looking good for next season. I got a super cool gift from Oakley for my World Cup win, a watch with 60 little diamonds in it!! So stoked :)
After 3 days hanging out at the bike show we decided to rent a car... well car... a Corvette and cruised to the Hooverdam and Lake Mead. On our way up to Lake Mead we stopped at Boulder for a snack and saw this oldtimer/hotrod car-show across the street. To me Las Vegas is just an unreal city, I like it, but not for to long. It's nice to be home now and chill out for a bit. Cant wait to go riding my dirtbike!!