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All fixed up

posted by: anneke @ 10/08/2009

I had a pretty hectic day yesterday. My operation went well, I think I was more nervous for this than racing a World Cup. I got a plexus in my shoulder, so I was able to stay awake during the operation and follow everything on the tv screen. That was pretty cool! It's weird to see a surgeon work on you arm, but you don't feel what you see....!!
My whole elbow joint was filled with a web of scar tissue and a part of my radius was damaged. They were able to smooth out the radius a little bit and they took the "vacuum-cleaner" to take out all the scar tissue.
After all that was done, I went straight to the airport, hopped on a plane and flew to the Roc d'Azur, to hang out at the MTB "end of season Bikefest". Also the last BMX worldcup of the season will be held there, so I will be support my training buddies from the National team! Should be an exciting weekend.