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BMX World Cup, Frejus

posted by: anneke @ 10/11/2009

This race was rad! Crowd was big, weather was good, track was nice and the races were exciting to watch. In the women's field there are a lot of young girls who stepped it up. The final was one of the best I ever saw, the girls were bumping elbows and it came down to a photo finish for the last 3 riders! Caroline Buchanan was also riding really well, she made it to the final and ended up in 5th. French rider Laetitia le Corguille won, in 2nd place was Miriana Pajon, this girl is only 17 and an amazing rider with sweet skills and style.
In the men's it was Sam Willoughby who was charging it all day, his first straight is amazing!! 2nd Donny Robinson, 3rd Crisian Becerine. I watched the race together with Sabrina who lives close by, she won the DH race here and her younger sister, Morgane came in 3rd. Great day :)