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4-cross v.s Dual Slalom

posted by: anneke @ 11/19/2009

You might have read something the last few of weeks about the discussion if slalom should be brought back to the World Cup series....? I personally love 4-cross a bit more than slalom. I did race a World Cup dual back in the day. I was 17 and up against Helen Mortimer in the first round..... things did not go that well, crashed (by my self) and ended up with 8 stitches in my leg :) After that year the UCI switched to 4 cross, it was new, less confusing to watch and very exiting with all the elbow to elbow racing. I know every one will have their own opinion about this, but I really like the way Jared Graves thinks about our sport in regard to this subject. He is a great ambassador and looks at it in the same way as me. Please check out for more stuff about this:

Here some pictures from the Dual years: Pic 1: World Cup podium Les Gets, 1998. Katrina Miller, Sabrina Jonnier!, Hellen Mortimer. Pic 2, Mike King in style. Pic 3, Katrina Miller, Hellen Mortimer, Tai Lee Muxlow. Pic 4, RedBull Dual race down in a salt mine. Bas and me in training. pic 5, Jared Graves in his early Yeti years.