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World Championships 4-cross

posted by: anneke @ 08/27/2006

For the first time since Cairns 1996, the worlds were back on the southern hemisphere.
As back then in Australia, also the Kiwi's are really well organised, courses are great and the local community is very much into Mountainbiking.

The 4-cross track was really challenging. When I first walked it I was really impressed by the big jumps and fast sections.
After my first day of training I was feeling good. I managed to do all the jumps and I felt comfortable on my bike.

Qualifying went well with a 2nd place.
Before the racing started on Friday afternoon we had some more practice. During practice people where lining up alongside the course. By the time racing started a huge and enthusiastic crowd had gathered to watch the race-action.
My semi-final was solid, I was second coming out of the first turn but I managed to move up to first by jumping the two big sets of doubles.

In the final I rolled up in the gate with Jill Kintner and Jana Horakova next to me. I had a good snap out of the gate. Jill was on the inside line and was able to go in to the first turn first, and I was right behind her. The rest of the course was so fast, it was hard for me to find some room to make a pass.
After last year's drama in livigno, I was happy with winning the Silver medal here at the Worlds in New Zealand.

Anneke Beerten