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We're online....!!!

posted by: anneke @ 09/27/2006

Here it own website.
How cool is that ?! I can keep you all updated on whatever is going on in my live while I am traveling around the globe doing my thing.
Besides my race reports and results you will find a lot of more cool stuff on my site.
Whether its racing, the after parties, my sponsors, the boring airports, the hotels or just everyday stuff that's going on when I'm at home, I will try to keep you up to date on all of that.

While I'm writing this I am on my way to Las Vegas where interbike (the bike show) is on this week.
Ofcourse I will be here to support the people that support me, but also I am here to see if I can find a team that could help me with the necessary back up to stay on top of my game.
Hopefully my European #1, World #2 and world cup results will help me find that back up.

I hope you will enjoy reading my site enough to check back every now and then.
Feel free to drop me an e-mail about anything you read or see on my site.