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Roc D'azur, France

posted by: anneke @ 10/09/2006

Today I made my debut at the international xc race at the Roc D'azur.
It was my first international xc race ever!! I did not know what to expect from the course, other then that Ive heard its a really nice ride.
Soon I found out that it was a hella lot of climbing!!...but it also had really cool descents
I had a high start number but the organization had put me on the first start row, I was standing next to Alison Sydor.
And yes I could not help it I sprinted in to the first turn like I was doing a 4-cross start. Considering this first turn came only after about 500 meters, I was in around 4th position going into that turn and after that a whole lot of people were passing me.
It felt like there was a whole lot more climbing than downhilling, and man those climbs were steep. My hartrate went up to a max. of 192 and I had an average of 180. At the 3rd feed zone my legs were starting to ache and I asked people how much more km I had to go. I had 10km to go, and it felt like it took forever. When I got to the beach part of the course I had to get of my bike and walk trough the soft sand, and yes there it was, my calves cramped up, Ouch
After 2 hours and 42min I was happy that I crossed the finish line. I even made it to the first page of the result list, I ended up in 58th place. Alison Sydor won the race.

After I put my legs up for a bit I went over to the BMX course to see the finals of the BMX World cup Supercross race.
It had some exiting moments as the wind had a big influence on the racing.
In the end it was a really good race for the dutchies.
They had a 4th and 7th place finish in the final.
So thats gives them some points for the Olympics in 2008. 1st place Donny Robinson 2nd Micheal Prokop 3rd Damien Goddet, 4th Robert de Wilde, 7th Roy vd Berg.

I guess this was the last race action for a while, I now need to get my sponsorship deals sorted for next year.
I cross my fingers that things will work out for me.