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National Championships

posted by: anneke @ 10/15/2006

Most of the country's had their national Championships already more than 2 months ago. We 'the dutchies' had our Nationals Championships today in Namur, Belgium.
Belgium?.....yep, due to the lack of mountains we have to go to our neighbor country to do our National DH championships.
The Dutch federation combined the Dutch Nationals together with the Belgium Nationals.
I went there to watch the race, we did not have enough women to make it an official dutch championships for us girls.

The men's race was exiting.
Nico Vink from Belgium was back on his bike after a back injury he suffered at the mega avalanche last summer.
Even some French and German top riders came over to race.
In the Final Nico smoked the course, he was riding really smooth, he is your new Belgium National Champ.
The new Dutch National Champion is Wilfred v.d Haterd, he won with 2 seconds over nr. 2 Daniel Prijkel (still junior) and nr.3 Leon van Valkenhoef.