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posted by: anneke @ 10/19/2006

Although I'm still stressing to find a ride for next year, I also gave my self some time off.
So I decided to join a friend and go to Switzerland for a few days. We flew into Geneva, it is so beautiful around lake Geneva.

We drove by this old castle at the lake and we decided to stop there and go in for a little tour. The Name of the Castle is Chillion, it was build in the 13th century.
History classes were pretty boring in school but if you see this stuff for real it is really impressive. To see how people lived and did there things back in the day is really something else.
If you click on the thumbnail you will find some pictures of the castle and how and where they kept their prisoners.
Some of the prisoners where chained to the castle wall for over 5 years!!!
In picture 3 you will see some new Alpinestars protection, that will be released next summer...haha...

After I am back from this little history trip, I will be going to the Bike Motion show in Utrecht.