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posted by: anneke @ 10/22/2006

I grew up with cars. Since I was a little girl my dad owned a Car garage. So the passion for cars and speed came naturally I guess.
What has that got to do with bikes you think...well not a whole lot other then that my sponsor "Willems group" has a huge passion for cars as well. He even races them, the `Porsche GT3 class to be exact.

Last week they invited me to come to his last race of the season this weekend.
The race was held in Assen, one of or biggest race circuits in Holland.
Normally I see him wearing his suite, but today he was in full racemode pinning it around the racetrack.
It was great to have an inside look in this world and see all those fast cars from so closeby.
Jan Willems was racing well, from a field of 50, he finished the day in 12th spot.

After he was done racing it was possible to sit next to him in his Porsche and do some laps on the race speed...oh my god..!!
It was on awesome experience...the acceleration, the braking, the speed. It was a great adrenaline rush.