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posted by: anneke @ 10/25/2006

Being a web-addict, I was browsing around a bit on a few sites:

Check out Steve Peat and Hans Rey went to Ireland for a photoshoot. The pictures are amazing.

Jill Kintner won the Jeep series last season. And you know what you get of winning that series?... A brand new Jeep, sweet!! Check out Jill's site for some picture of her new ride. (

Slowly I am starting to get back into my training program.
Today I decided to join the dutch national BMX team on their trainingcamp. We will be going next month to Lanzarote, one of the Spanish Canaries Islands.
Must have been 6 years ago since I've been there.
It's a cool place to do some road- and offroad riding in summer like temperatures.

As far as sponsoring goes. I hope to know more in the next few weeks. Things are rolling in the right direction at the moment. I will keep you updated on that as soon as I know more.