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Tour de Lanzarote

posted by: anneke @ 11/11/2006

The island of Lanzarote is a lot less interesting than I thought.
Or maybe it just looked that way because we were doing our tour at high speed in our rental car. We raced over the island....and I really mean raced.
Some areas look like you're on the moon (I've never been to the moon but that's how I would imagine it) the surface is black lava and there is hardly any tree or grass to find.
On the north side of the the middle of nowhere there are some cool surf spots, but it was to bad there was not a whole lot of surfing going on when we were there.
On the side of the island that we are staying (puerto del carmen) it is all about tourism, people sit at the swimming pool or beach and eat all day.
Good fun for these people but not the kinda holiday that will suite me I guess.
But then again I'm not really here on a holiday, but to ride bikes....

By the way, we get 9 people in the VW polo!!!