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Brazillian mail

posted by: anneke @ 11/24/2006

Last summer I had one of my biggest crashes ever in Brazil at the 4-cross World Cup. Because I knocked my self out with that crash I was not able to remember anything from that whole afternoon.
Last week I received a package out of Brazil with the tape of the crash in it. It was weird looking at my self hitting the ground really hard, but now I know what happened and that it wasn't my own fault.
They filmed everything for ESPN and I got some good TV coverage, although it's not the kind of coverage you want to have...
My Brazilian friend who had send the tape, actually stayed with me in the hospital that night!!
That was really nice, and he helped a lot with translating, because I don't speak Brazilian that well. When I am able to play video's on my site, I will put it on here.

Greetings from a rainy Holland.