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Training camp South France

posted by: anneke @ 12/15/2006

After a short flight I arrived in the South of France with the Dutch bmx team.
I love coming to this area, the weather is great and there are great opportunities to go riding. The BMX track and gym are right next to the apartments that we staying in.

Sabrina Jonnier stopped by at the BMX track yesterday. It was great seeing her again. See is such a great person and as you know the best Downhill Chick in the World! I hope to go riding with her sometime next week.

Tonight we are going to check out Monaco and do a lap on the Formula 1 circuit!! And I am also getting my new 4-cross bike tonight.... I can't wait.

I will try to keep you updated and I will make more pictures in the next couple of day's. It's not easy to get online here....