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Update South of France

posted by: anneke @ 12/19/2006

Last weekend I spend most of my time in bed. I had a cold and was I was feeling pretty miserable. I had no energy in my body while I was training, and that can be really frustrating. Everybody is riding their bike and I am sitting inside blowing my nose. Today I was finally feeling a bit better and I did some training again.

Friday night we drove down to Monaco and I met up with my new Team manager in a restaurant there. The team was there for a weekend of training. So it was perfect for me to meet them there and get my new 4-cross bike.
Monaco is such an amazing little place, the harbor, the cars, the formula one circuit so much stuff and richdome to see over there.

On Sunday we went to the Go Kart track near wear Sabrina lives. That was great fun, one session Sabrina had the fastest time of all of us!!
Two more day's of training and then it is already time to pack up again and go back home to celebrate Christmas with my family.