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posted by: anneke @ 01/12/2009

It's so much more fun to open the curtains in the morning and see the sunshine, and not have to worry about a big pack of snow or to freeze your ears of outside. The first couple of days were already good, I've been riding DH and BMX on the local tracks here. Sabrina Jonnier stopped by and we did some DH runs together.... even Bas did a few Downhill runs again. The last time he rode must have been Worlds Lugano 2004..... the skills were still there though :) ..... it is a bit of a pain to get online here, but I've found a spot in town so I'll try to update a bit more the rest of the week. Picture 1. Sabrina Picture 2. Bas Picture 3. a part of or group. Picture 4&5 Anneke