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Mini DH race

posted by: anneke @ 03/23/2009

A max of 70 riders were able to compete in the first "Mini" DH race in Holland. The track was just over a minute for the top riders, it was a nice course with some challenging jumps in it. There also was a fair bit of pedaling in it :) Most importing thing of the day was to have fun and see if an event like this would work in Holland. I think it did, it was a great day of riding and the organization was perfect. I ended up winning the Women's race and my 1.07 sec was good enough for a 9 place in the men's field :)

Pic. 1&2 Moi - Pic. 3 My nephews chilling on my bike. - Pic. 4 Myles Rockwell is back in training?? - Pic. 5 Daniel Prijkel who won the mens.