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World Cup 4-cross, South Africa

posted by: anneke @ 04/12/2009

The first World Cup of the season is done....and it was absolutely amazing. I'm still on a high from last night's win. I felt good but I knew there were a lot more girls riding well out there. To start of a new season like this is just great. My semi final went good and I was able to ride all my lines. In the final I was on the inside gate with fionn and the czech girls Jana and Romana next to me, so I knew my gate had to be good... And it was, I snapped it and rode the first corner as far on the inside as I could. The rest of the run down was just a big adrenaline rush! yeeehaaaw.... First World Cup Win of the season!

It was hard for me to see any of the mens racing, but Jared Graves was doing gates like no other. He was so fast out of the gate and on the first straight. His final race run was even 4sec. faster then his qualifying run! The crowed was big and loud, the weather was sunny and hot and I really enjoyed it all. The organizer was out of tickets by noon, so the crowd was big and really enthusiastic.It has been 12 years since there was world cup in South Africa, and it really seems like mountain-biking is hot, also in this part of the world, and it's great to be a part of that.